Safe Traveling with Your Dog

Safe Traveling with Your Dog

by Holly Genser

If you want to travel safely with your dog this season, here are tips for choosing a car seat or carrier, preparing your dog for the trip, and finding resources for further dog travel safety information.

Choosing a Car Seat or Carrier Snoozer Luxury Lookout Car Seat

Today, you can choose from many types of car seats and carriers. They key is to find the one that fits your type of travel and the size of your dog.

If you’re traveling by car, you can choose from a variety of car seats. Car seats are cushioned and strap to the seat to keep your dog secure.

If you’ll also be walking a small to medium sized dog, you might want to use a pet stroller or carrier. Wheeling carriers are great for airports and shopping. The versatile one shown below, right also converts to a car seat and a backpack carrier. 

Snooze Wheel Around Carrier

If you’re traveling by plane, check with your airline for carrier specifications. Also find out whether you can bring small dogs into the passenger cabin.

Be careful traveling with dogs by plane in cold and hot months. Before checking your dog into the baggage section, ask whether it is air conditioned and pressurized. The baggage section is frightening to dogs at best, and in extreme heat and cold, it can be dangerous.

Preparing for the Journey in Advance

Time spent acclimating your pooch to his carrier or car seat will bring you both peace during your trip.

First, you can begin the acclimation process by placing a toy and favorite blanket there. Let him spend time going in and out.

When he’s comfortable with the new carrier or car seat, have him spend a minute, three minutes, five minutes locked or strapped in. Only provide a treat and praise while he’s stays calm and quiet.

Finally, take your pup on short car rides. Use your car seat or carrier to keep her safe and away from windows.

Remember: Never leave your dog in the car unattended!

Preparing Just Before the Trip

Feed your doggie in advance of your journey. Be sure to walk her thoroughly, so she will feel like resting during the trip.

Finding More information on Safe Travel with Your Dog

You can find many more tips for safe travel with your dog at AKC, Cesar's Way, and PETA.  

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