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Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz said it best: Happiness is a warm puppy….and our puppy clothes are sure to keep your pup warm, cozy and fashionable all year! Puppy clothing can be hard to find – unless you’re a customer, because we believe that canine couture should be available at any age. Shop our puppies clothing line for fashion-forward favorites from Pinkaholic, including soft fleece hoodies, made of the yummiest material in all of this season’s fashionable colors and patterns. And if it’s possible to make your puppy even cuter than they already are, we also have adorable puppy PJ’s and jumpsuits for little divas and dudes. Our puppies clothes line also includes a number of practical and pretty puppy panties. These little panties are perfect for puppies that are still being potty-trained. Made from bright colored soft cotton, they feature wide elastic around the legs and waist, an adjustable hook and loop front closure and are completely lined. Each panty has delicate lace around the tail opening and is adorned with a little satin bow, making these panties not only practical but also pretty darn cute! Don’t let your puppy make a fashion faux-paw – shop for puppy clothing that will give them a leg up in life!