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Hello and Welcome
Welcome to our friends, customers and visitor photo gallery. 
This area is reserved especially for "show and tell". 
Share your furry love ones with the world.
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Zoe & Madison
Jack 5yr Old Jack Russel Twinkle 1 yr old Dachshund Zoe and Madison  Shih Tzu
Hey Everyone!
Here is "Jack" - He sends his love to all the other  dogs in the Hamlet!
Twinkle showing off her new Hawaiian Harness from BowWowsBest.  She's a sweet and adorable 1 year old smooth Dachshund.  Loves to take walks with her Mommie!!
Here are photos of our fur babies. "zoe" is the white shih tzu and "madison" is the
little black shih tzu. 
Allegra & Lucca
Dash & Datsun
Cosmo, Pomeranian
Allegra & Lucca Mini Dachshunds Photo Pomeranian Dog Photo
Miss Allegra, Sales Director at London's Dining Room Shop is assisted by Mr Lucca making sales of antiques, in between clients Allegra snoozes on her favourite new Chewy Vuiton bed sent to London expressly by Bowwowsbest, she is envy of the town!
Please meet Dash & Datsun - The boys as they are known are very very spoilt mini dachshunds.  They are very excited about being mini groomsmen in our up and coming April wedding especially getting to wear their new flash bowwow bow ties. In their spare time love nothing more than running rampart around the stables or in the shed with dad. And no matter how many comfy dog beds we buy nothing beats under the covers in our bed.
Cosmo, Pomeranian
I purchased a shirt from you for my dog to wear to our Hawaiian-themed company picnic.  It fit perfectly, and he wore it all day without a single complaint. His name is Cosmo, and we got lots of compliments on his stylish attire.
Thanks! J. 
Ayla, Catahoula
Casey, Chihuahua
10 Wks
Abigail, Long Hair Toy Chi
8 Wks
Ayla Chihuahua Long Hair Toy Chi
Ayla is a 3.5 year old Catahoula leopard hound  When her dad comes home from work, Ayla is ready to play with her favorite tennis ball.  Not fetch - she likes to keep it to herself.  Ayla is a Daddy's girl.  She sleeps in the bed at his feet and lies by the window until he comes home from work.
Casey is 10 weeks old and very silly. When we picked him up and were driving him home, we got him out to potty on an isolated exit. He immediately sat down, threw his head back and howled like he knew we were going to abandon him there on the roadside! We told him yeah right, there were lots of wild baby Chihuahua's in the North Carolina woods...
Our Newest Customer
What a precious face!
Abigail is anxiously waiting for her new carseat and vest harness from BowWow. She is spoiled rotten, and such a sweetheart.
Maggie, 3yrs, Mix
Scooter & Daisy Mae, Yorkies
Sophie, Yorkie
Cute Dog Photo Cute Yorkie Photo Sophie's Princess Dollhouse
Maggie is a posh pound princess. She loves to model a new collar each season, and was especially excited for her Christmas basket from Bow Wows Best. Maggie enjoys sandwich cookies as snacks and follows her mommy to the fridge knowing she’ll get a special treat every time. Maggie works off her cookie addiction by running alongside her daddy and mommy while they skateboard. While her daddy is at work, Maggie unwinds by sneaking onto his bed to take naps.
Sharing a Bed Already??
Hi guys, Don't let that calm look on Scooter's face fool you. He is not happy that Daisy Mae has learned to master going up the stairs to the bed.  It is getting down the stairs, that she is having trouble with.
Sophie's mommy says:  She likes getting in her house and hanging out. She takes her toys in it and "hides" treats, it's hilarious. This is much better than a crate and she obviously loves feeling like she's in her own little safe place. Not to mention how cute it is!!!
Dudley, 1yr, Cairn Terrier
Archie, 1.5 yrs, Westie
Marilyn, 3 yrs, French Bulldog
Cute Dog Photo Cute Dog Photo Marilyn Female Bulldog
See me in my new harness/leash...I love it.  It doesn't restrict me around the neck. Now, my mommy likes to take me for nice long walks. (see Dudley in the next photo with brother Archie).
"The Boys" enjoy Liver Biscotti treats. 
I gave Marilyn a home (she is Claude's litter sister ) when they discovered that she was deaf.  When I  took her in she was skinny, nervous and suffering from skin problems. As you can see my ugly duckling has turned into a beautiful swan.
Claude, 3 yrs, French Bulldog
Neco,  Chihuahua
Claude Male Bulldog Cute Dog Photo
Claude looking "tough" in his Harley Davidson outfit.  He is also adorable and like his sister has a wonderful temperament and seems to know to look after Marilyn.
Neco in his Mommy's Boy Shirt.