How to Help Your Dog Get Comfortable with Clothing

How to Help Your Dog Get Comfortable
Wearing Clothing

by Holly Genser

Dogs need to dress for the weather, for walking on a leash, and for special occasions. Coats protect them from the rain, snow, and cold. Harnesses protect their throats from damage during daily walks and exercise. Dog wedding attire, like tuxedos and gowns, allows dogs to participate in formal festivities. If you have a puppy, rescue, or other dog that has not become used to wearing harnesses, dog collars, and dog formal wear, then you will need to help them prepare slowly. Here are suggestions for how to acclimate your dog to wearing clothing.

Wedding AttireStart Early and Slowly

1. If possible, start your puppy dressing early. Like any other socialization, if you help your puppy get used to dressing up while he's young, both of you will enjoy it more later.

2. Let her get used to the harness or dog clothing a little at a time. Put the item on your dog for a few seconds. Give her a treat and plenty of praise. Then take it off.

3. Build up the time as the days pass, treating and praising him each time. Soon your pooch will wear her harness, dog coat, or dog wedding attire proudly!

Ensure a Proper Fit

In addition to your dog's weight, you must know the dog's neck and body width.

Each manufacturer has its own measurement chart shown on the product page. Take careful measurements. Write them down, and compare them with the size chart for each harness, coat, or special attire you order

Shop Early for a Wedding, Holiday, or Other Special Event Dog-Harnesses

1. You'll have time to make an exchange should your pooch need a different size or style.

2. Your doggie will have time to get accustomed to his new costume before any scheduled holiday, wedding, or other occasion.

3. You'll also make sure that you have the largest selection, before styles sell out of seasonal items.

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