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Dog Halloween Costumes

Happy Howl-o-ween! We love a special occasion, because that means a new outfit – and no one outfits your four-legged friend in more lavish style than we do with our stunning collection of costumes for dogs.

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Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

As the owner of an online pet boutique, I’m often asked what are the best Halloween costumes for dogs. My answer will vary depending on your pet and his or her propensity for playing dress-up. Here are some things to consider when purchasing Halloween dog costumes:

Will the fur fly?

Sometimes even the most docile dog will simply NOT want to put on that cute Halloween dog costume you’ve searched high and low for. So if your little darling is being a diva, then keep it simple – find a dog costume that is minimalist and will still let her strut her stuff. Or if she simply must dress up, then give her some time to get used to it – put on one piece at a time, starting about a week before Halloween. Put it on for just a few seconds at first, then take it off and give her a treat. Build up the time as the days pass, and pretty soon your pooch will be proud of her new Halloween dog costume!

Size matters

It used to be that dressing up was just for small dogs. However, Halloween costumes for dogs now come in all sizes – even up to 100 lbs.! It’s important to choose the right size so your dog doesn’t become entangled when trying to move (too big) or is uncomfortable with a tight fit (too small). Responsible dog costume websites will post sizing charts that will help you measure correctly to choose just the right size for your pet.

Don’t spoil the potty

Most professionally made costumes leave plenty of room for potty breaks. If you’re planning to sew a Halloween dog costume yourself, be sure you find a pattern or copy a design that allows your pet to go to the bathroom safely and comfortably.

Shop now

Halloween costumes sell out fast so if you know now that you want to purchase a dog Halloween costume, you should start shopping soon, especially if you want access to a full selection online. If you purchase early, you can also ensure a perfect fit by giving yourself time to make an exchange should your first choice be the wrong one.

New Halloween dog costume designs

There are several new Halloween dog costume designs this year, hats seem to be the newest fun costumes for this year including the Rudolph hat, the Duck Baseball hat, the Jack-O-Hat, the Zebra hat and also new this year are Bat Wings along with Dragon wings and a matching hat. Additionally, there are new collar sliders just made for Halloween - easy to slide on to any collar. Some of the old favorites are back as well, including the Super Hero sweater, the Killer Whale sweater, Doctor Barker and Sweetheart Nurse to name a few.

Whatever Halloween dog costume choices you make, remember to make it safe and fun for both you and your pet!

Patti Hasner is a founder of, the best place for forward-thinking fashion hounds on the Web. Her baby Ally will be sporting the new Too Cute to Spook Dress costume this year from the 2019 Halloween dog costume collection at