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Dog Harnesses with Hook and Loop Brand Fasteners*

After testing all styles of harnesses on our pups and evaluating customer satisfaction, we conclude that the harness vest that features Hook and Loop fasteners are the easiest harness to put on your dog. Our customers’ tell us that the next best feature is the neat and classy look of this harness on their dog. The best input are the repeat customers' who order this style harness in new colors and patterns.
You may be wondering just how easy this harness is to put on your dog. Continue reading to find out just how easy it is.

Sporty Dog Harnesses

Harness Vest Back

This is the back side of a harness vest with Hook and Loop fasteners. The center strip with the D-rings will fit on the center of your dogs back. The neck opening will fit on the lower portion of the neck. Note: this harness is made of a light weight mesh polyester blend. Double D-rings are attached for added safety.

EasyGo Harnesses

Harness Vest Front

Two straps with 2" DOUBLE SIZE and DOUBLE STRENGTH Hook and Loop Closures fit underneath. Once you understand how the harness is constructed, you are ready to see how easy it is to put on.

1) Pull the Hook and Loop straps apart
2) While your dog is standing, place the back of the harness on the back of your dog. Positioning the center of the harness back to the center of the dogs back.
3) Position the neck area on the lower neck region.
4)Smooth under and secure belly
Hook and Loop strap.
5) Do the same for the neck strap. Note: Test the straps tightness. Leave enough space for your fingers to fit inside. As an added precaution, I always tug on each strap to make sure they are secured properly.

All In One Harness

Hook your leash and you're ready to go.
Look how nicely and neatly the harness fits

Browse the All In One Collection.

Leather Collar and Harness

This purple harness is made of open netted materal. It is trimed with cotton cloth. A matching cloth leash is sold separately. The netted harness comes in many colors and is perfect for warmer weather.

Browse our Traditional Leather Harnesses.

Small Dog Harness Clothes

Pictured is one of Doggie Designs' Spring/Summer 08 designer harness vest. Many styles and colors are available. Some styles offer optional pants, shorts and visor caps.

*VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.
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