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All About Canine ‘Coature’

Fall is slowly transitioning into winter and you know what that means….break out the dog coats! Those brisk morning walks that have you reaching for a jacket may also call for a comforting wrap for your favorite four-legged friend. How to choose the best for your baby?

Here are some guidelines:


Where you and your fur-person reside will determine the kind of dog coat that will suit you both the best. If you live in a cold northern clime, then look for an insulated dog coat like our Nordic Snow Parka: If you usually have wet winters, then a waterproof dog coat like this Waterproof Parka will work best for you:

And if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a southern moderate winter, then a dog jacket, sweater, sweatshirt or fleece hoody may suffice.

Short-haired breeds and smaller dogs with little or no body fat will most appreciate a dog coat or jacket. Long-haired breeds can also sport the latest canine couture, but you should ensure that the coat is not too warm or you may overheat your pet.

We specialize in the latest canine coature for big breeds, with stunning styles like these:

Puppia Absolute ’09 fits 13”-35” chest:

Big Dog Bomber fits 32”-38” chest:


Naturally you’ll want to choose a dog coat, jacket or sweater that integrates with your own style as well as your lifestyle. Are you a city dweller or a country squire? For comfortably navigating city streets and looking great while doing it, consider our Puppia Plaid Parka – plaid is a hot, hot trend this year!

Or perhaps a dressier coat with matching hat – just perfect for the pup that’s on the way to a Broadway show or important social event: Metal studs are all over the fashion pages this Fall and they’re gracing the pages of our website as well!

Check out this fashion-forward leather coat for your fashion hound: For strolling along a country lane, our Wind Parka will suit your frisky pup to perfection! Our hooded Fargo Jacket features faux fur trim and reflective tape accents on the brightly hued body so your curious canine won’t get lost in a pile of leaves or snow:

What’s Pupular

If your pooch loves to follow the trail of a hot trend, then we’ve got the latest looks. Here are a couple more of the most popular new styles for Winter 2009: Eskimo Snow Coat Emily Parka
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