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CeCe Kent Kate Collection         Kate Collection
What does your affinity for the Kate Collection assert about you?

Loving many, trusting few, you are among a savvy breed who values loyalty as much as you admire a city-chic style. Wearing black-one shade that never fades from high fashion-along with the dazzle of diamonds, you'll light up the place. Full-moon affairs would be dull without your fun and games. Nevertheless, you'll admit to a lucky few that true love and affection is all you really need..

To satisfy you, the Kate collection presents a stunning assortment of pet carriers, collars, leads, bows and jewelry-all featured in black, of course. Along with pebble-grained Italian leathers and sateen nylon, you'll find pave rhinestones, clear crystals, mother-of-pearl, and flowered charms to complete your overall sleek and sophisticated look. As you prepare to splurge on the extra must-haves, choose among all-occasion, weekend, and special event ware that are always appropriate.