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Originating a new realm of dog fashion, Cece Kent proudly introduces her four designer collections:
Lilly, Ralph, Kate and Charles
Each collection introduces a persona, a lifestyle or a frame of mind which allows humans and their companions to express their shared sense of who they are through fashion. To match your disposition, choose from our fashionable ensembles. Or run with your good taste, mixing and matching textures and tones from each collection to assemble your own signature look!
You may view fashion as a serious matter, an opportunity to be frivolous, as a necessity, or an indulgence. In any case, Cece Kent has arrived so that you may always put your best paw forward with panache.
We have made your first step-browsing the pet carriers, collars and harnesses, leads, jewelry and bows available in Lilly, Ralph, Kate and Charles - a shopper's dream. But choosing your favorite pieces will not be easy. Rest assured, no matter what articles you place in your shopping bag, you're going to look and feel superb in Cece Kent!
We invite you to preview the collections of Lilly, Ralph, Kate and Charles to start shopping.