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CeCe Kent Charles Collection         Charles Collection
What does your penchant for the Charles Collection presume about you?

The way you see it, fads come and go while traditional structures remain in vogue. Therefore, your proper breeding compels you to welcome newcomers with interest while treating old friends with care. Similarly, traveling the uncharted course is thrilling; yet returning to familiar comforts is your private joy. Overall, you prefer a classic, timeless style with an updated twist for enhanced appeal.

To suit your affinity for heirloom quality revitalized for today, the Charles collection features pet carriers, collars, leads, jewelry and bows crafted in French leathers and couture Italian tweeds. Complementing a look that suits the boardroom, as well as the country estate, we've added stunning chains, natural brass buckles, and everlasting hearts. So finely attired, proudly escort your human, though you'll be the one treated like royalty!