The Easiest to Train Dog Breeds

The Easiest To Train Dog Breeds by Jessica Grace

When learning commands, some dog breeds learn faster, remember more, and respond faster to commands than other dogs. If you want a dog that is easier to train then consider one of the following breeds:

-Border Collie
-Golden Retriever
-German Sheppard
-Doberman Pinscher
-Labrador Retriever
-Shetland Sheepdog
-Miniature Schnauzer

It is important to note that all dog breeds can be trained to learn and obey commands. You'll see just about every dog breed competing in obedience competitions.

However, these breeds (listed above) learn training commands faster than other dog breeds do. This means that training them is a lot easier and requires a lot less patience and time.

Just because these breeds learn faster than other breeds doesn't mean they are more intelligent. Unless, you're definition of "intelligence" of a dog is "it's ability to learn training commands quickly".

You see, when it comes to dog intelligence, experts have a lot of difficulty determining what dog "intelligence" actually is, just as they do when trying to define what human "intelligence" actually is.

For example, other breeds may understand your commands just as well as these faster learning breeds, but they simply may not have as much desire to carry them out. They simply may not be as eager-to-please you and are therefore not as obedient as the breeds listed above. Does that make them less intelligent though?

No. For example, a Siberian Husky is not as interested in pleasing his owners as some other breeds, so teaching him to obey commands - training him - takes longer. However, just because he is not "quick to learn" the Siberian Husky has other talents, such as his ability to figure out ways to escape from seemingly inescapable backyards. So if you are measuring a dog on his ability to find ways to "escape", the Siberian Husky would be right up there.

So don't think that the breeds listed above are any more intelligent than any other breed of dog. They're are just quicker to learn and obey your commands.

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