Pet Vehicle Safety

Pet Vehicle Safety - How to prepare for a safe and pleasant traveling experience with your canine family members.

We buckle up our children and ourselves before we start the engine. Let's not forget about our canine family members. They need to be safe and secure too.

What Can Happen When Pets are NOT secured

Dog with his Head out the car window – He could jump or fall out of the moving vehicle.  Dust and other airborne debris traveling at the speed of a moving vehicle can cause serious damage to the eyes and ears.

Little One in Driver’s Lap - Never let your dog ride in the front seat of a vehicle with air bags. Dogs, like small children can be killed or injured by deploying air bags.  Pets moving about are a distraction to the driver.

Nose Pressed to Back Window of SUV - A sudden stop could send them crashing out the back window.

The truth is when dogs travel this way, they are 'at risk' of serious injury or death.

What do the “Experts” Say - Some experts say that the safest way for a dog to travel is in a secured crate. If the pet doesn’t do well in a crate then use a vehicle safety harness as an alternative.
Other experts say that the safety harness that fastens to the car's seat belt is safer than the crate.  
Decide on either the secured crate or the safety harness and start protecting your pets today...
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